Account Mapping between Autotask and Xero

Mapping Autotask account codes to Xero GL codes

My Accounting Toolbox- >  Configuration -> Link Account Codes

Step 1. Setup your default Account mappings

Default account mappings will be used when no account mapping is found under the linked accounts. 


Note: Even if you don't use our Purchase Order module you still need to enter a Default Freight and Courier account.

Linking the allocation codes to Xero GL codes

On the left hand drop-down we display a list of Autotask allocation codes and using the link button you can map those to Xero GL codes.





Purchase Orders

Seeing the mappings in your sync logs

You can review a account code mapping in your sync logs, the example below has no mapping for the allocation code and defaults back to the default sales code.

Click here to read about reviewing sync logs