Autotask API User Credentials

Autotask has built-in special user API accounts for connecting to 3rd parties like Cloud Depot. These accounts are free of charge and provide added security for connecting Cloud Depot to Autotask.

Warning: Please do not use your standard user accounts for API connections. Create a new API account for this connection.

To Setup

1. Please log into Autotask -> Admin -> Resources (Users)

2. Click New to create a New API User

3. Fill in the General section. You will need to supply a company email address.

Its recommend that the Email Address is real and can be received by your team just in-case the account gets locked. You will receive a email notification from Autotask.

4. Select Cloud Depot from the API Tracking Identifier 

5. (Optional) Line of Business
We recommend that you give the user access to all Line of Business Associations (if you have Line of Business Setup)

6. Generate a Key and Secret using the buttons provided. Copy those credentials to a notepad on your computer so they can be pasted into Cloud Depot. 

7. Click Save & Close to confirm the changes

8. Log back into Cloud Depot and navigate to the screen to enter your Autotask Credentials. Paste those credentials from your notepad into the fields below and click Save Changes.

9. We will validate those credentials using our secret partner key and if successful your credentials will be encrypted and saved. No other 3rd party app will be able to use those credentials: they are locked to Cloud Depot.

10. Once the credentials have been entered into Cloud Depot you don't need to save them locally. At anytime you can reset the credentials by editing the user in Autotask and repeat steps 8 & 9.



New API users setup in Autotask can sometimes take up to 5 minutes to become available to Cloud Depot in the Autotask API. If your new account doesn't work immediately try again after a small wait.

If you are having trouble with your password, try removing any special characters in the Autotask password, as the special character encoding that Autotask uses can, depending on the format of the password, change the password format slightly from what was entered. We recommend that you use the Autotask password generator.