Autotask API User Credentials

Autotask has built-in special user API accounts for connecting to 3rd parties like Cloud Depot, these accounts are free of charge and provide added security for connecting Cloud Depot to Autotask.

Warning: Please do not use your standard user accounts for API connections. Create a new API account for this connection.

To Setup

  • Please log into Autotask / Admin / Resources (Users)
  • Click New to create a new user
  • Setup the user details then ensure under the security tab
    • Security level = API User
    • Integration Vendor = Cloud Depot

As always make sure you use a strong password, here is handy password generator if you don’t have a password manager tool



Tip: Autotask allows copying of user accounts for quicker setup


Line of Business

If you use Autotask Line of Business we recommend that you associate all the line of business to the account so that the sync can function correctly