Autotask to Xero Contact Report

A report can be generated that finds issues mapping your Autotask companies and contacts to Xero

Autotask to Xero -> Configuration -> Sync Audit Tools | Austotask & Xero Customers

To run the report

To initiate the report, simply click on the "Run Report" button. Keep in mind that this report may take some time to complete. If it exceeds 2 minutes and times out, our support team can assist you by running it manually.

When running the report, it will download all your Autotask (accounts receivable) companies and then identify matching companies in Xero. The default setting for company name matching is case sensitive, unless you have chosen in Xero options not to use case sensitivity. Alternatively, if you have opted to use Autotask company numbers as the primary search method, the report will utilize that information for matching.


At any time you can use the search box to filter keywords(below). 


Key Words

No Match

This indicates that the Xero customer is not located in Xero. It could be due to non-existence, a different name, or if the Autotask/Xero company number matching is enabled, there are no matching company numbers.

Not Found

This indicates that a match was found between the Autotask and Xero customer (meaning the company exists in both platforms), but the UDF position "Contact" has not been set up for the contacts.


If a match is found between the Autotask and Xero customer (meaning the company exists in both platforms), but the UDF position "Contact" is not set up, you will see a note indicating "Link" in the notes section. This indicates that the row is eligible for Autotask Contact CSV Export (see Notes below for more information).

CSV Export

Warning: Bulk imports of data into Autotask has the ability to make major system changes, please familiarise yourself with the Autotask rollback feature.
It is your responsibility to verify that the output file is correct.

For easy access, you can find the Autotask Contact CSV Export feature at the bottom of the webpage. This feature allows you to export all rows with the "Link" attribute in the notes section in a format that is compatible with Autotask. By using this feature, a contact will be automatically generated in Autotask with the data imported from Xero, including the first name, last name, and email. Additionally, the UDF dropdown will be selected as "Accounts" to ensure seamless integration between the two platforms.



Admin -> Features & Settings -> Contact Import