Autotask voided invoices automatically voided in Xero

This article explains how voided invoices in Autotask can automatically void or delete invoices in Xero

Note: This feature is currently only available for our pre-release customers. Please contact support if you would like to get access to this feature.


How it works

When you void an invoice in Autotask, our sync will automatically retrieve those voided invoices and will either void or delete the corresponding invoices in Xero.

If the invoice in Xero is in draft status, it will be deleted. If the invoice in Xero is approved, it will be voided.

After the Xero invoice has been voided or deleted, our sync will mark the status in Cloud Depot as skipped and will update the Paid Date in Autotask to reflect the voided date in Xero. If you prefer not to have this action taken, please don't use this feature in Cloud Depot.

Please be aware that the synchronization will only void invoices based on your historical sync period, which can be adjusted in the Xero Options settings.


How to turn on

Cloud Depot -> Configuration -> Xero Options - > Xero Advanced Options

To enable the Void Xero invoice Sync feature, log in to Cloud Depot and go to Xero Advanced Options. Check the option to activate the Void Xero Invoices from Autotask option. This process runs during the regular sync schedule, prioritizing new invoices. It will also run during on-demand syncs.