Creating a payment link in the Autotask invoice

This article explains how to setup a payment link in the Autotask PDF invoice. Before you begin please ensure that Cloud Depot RPS is setup.

Recurring Payments -> Setup -> Customer Portal


1. Navigate to the customer portal in Cloud Depot RPS and copy the Autotask Pay online URL code into notepad.


2. Log into Autotask and navigate to the Invoice Template section

3. Find the template that you wish to install the template link into

4. Find the section inside the invoice template that says "Bottom of Invoice" then click the edit link

5. Locate on the invoice where you would like the link to sit. In our example we will put the link under the Invoice Notes section.

6. Once you have found a spot for your invoice link type a exclamation mark ("!!!!!!") a number of times, this will be used as a placeholder so we can locate it in the HTML code.

7. Click the HTML tab to display the raw html, be careful only to edit the are where the exclamation marks where printed ("!!!!!!!!"). 

Now copy the entire HTML code from your notepad document, highlight the exclamation marks and paste to replace the exclamation marks ("!!!!!!!")

If you feel comfortable formatting HTML, you can edit the HTML to adjust the spacing to make it look nicer, but it will make no difference to the outcome.


8. Click the Design window again to view the link, if you are happy with the output save the template.