Auto Pay Gateway Fault Email

Troubleshooting a Gateway Fault

Our Auto Payment processing of RPS payments is designed to be fault tolerant, however sometimes issues occur that are outside of the scope of the technology and require further investigation. 

If our tool encounters these issues, as a precaution our RPS Auto Payment system will:

  1. Disable Auto Payment on the customer who faulted at the time of processing.
  2. Exit Auto Payment for any other customers for that day and resume tomorrow.

Please follow through the steps below before enabling auto payment for the customer again.


Log into the Gateway provider and answer the question below.

Question: Did the payment go through to the Gateway for that customer?

  1. If yes please contact support to manually reconcile that customer for you, do not turn on Auto Payment until we have advised to.
  2. If no:
    1. Is the transaction in the customer card still showing as Pending?
      If yes you can turn on Auto Payment for the customer.
    2. If the transaction is not showing as Pending please contact support for further information.

If these faults happen over a couple of RPS runs please contact support for more information as we might have fault connecting to your Gateway provider that requires further investigation.



What caused this error?

Most of the time this is due to either a scheduled or unscheduled outage on the Gateway platform.

I can't see the payment on the Gateway console, does this mean it didn't process?

Double check the audit logs for the customer on the Gateway portal, sometimes it can take a few minutes for a new transaction to appear.

Why did it disable Auto Payment for the customer

This is a safety measure where our tool isn't able to confirm an outcome for a payment request, to prevent double billing.