High usage

This article explains how our high usage plans work.

For every pricing plan we set a generous limit of 390 sales invoice transactions per Xero account, per month, if your account exceeds an average of 390 or greater invoice transactions over a 90 day period your account will automatically be moved into the appropriate high usage plan.

For a number of reasons the overhead to process our customer’s invoices efficiently is resource heavy and customers consuming greater than 390 transactions are utilising significantly higher resources, compared to an average customer, so we need to accurately price both the speed and volume of our product.

Purchase orders are not included in this calculation only sales invoices.

Pricing and Invoice limit

Invoice Limit Plan Name Price
1000+ High Use 1 $360
800 - 999 High Use 2 $312
600 - 799 High Use 3 $239
390 - 599 High Use 4 $179


How do I see how many invoices I have sync’d?

Our product includes an analytics dashboard that provides you with a rolling average of your invoice count.

Can I manually change the plan?

Once you have been placed on a high usage plan, you will not be able to make any changes to your plan online.

What happens if my invoice count drops?

If you believe that your account will not exceed 390 transactions again, you can also email our support team and we will manually place you on a lower usage plan.

Under what conditions do I get allocated to a high use plan?

At the beginning of each month, we will determine the average number of invoices you have processed over the previous 90 days. If your account exceeds 390 invoice transactions during this period, we will automatically assign you to the pricing plan that best suits your usage.

Example - moving onto high usage

ABC MSP usage for the following three months is as follows:

Month Invoice count for month
Jan 290
Feb 410
Mar 560

On the 1st April we calculate that the average usage for the previous 90 days (3 months) is 420 invoices.

On the 1st of April ABC MSP will be moved to high usage plan 4.