How to manually process an outstanding invoice(s) with RPS

In certain situations, you might need to manually handle an invoice payment on behalf of your customer without utilizing the Auto-Pay feature.

Recurring Payments -> Customers -> [Customer]

Before you begin make sure:

a) The customer has a saved payment method such as a Credit Card or Bank Account stored with RPS.

b) You have permission from the customer to pay invoices using the stored payment method.

1. Open the customer card

Open the Customer page from within Cloud Depot RPS

2. Copy the Portal Link

Select the drop down arrow from the Quick View Menu at the top of the page.

Click on "Copy to clipboard" - the customer portal link and then open a new tab in your browser (we recommend using incognito mode) and paste it in. This will take you to the customer portal, where you can see what the customer sees.

3. Select the Payment method

Select the outstanding invoice(s) you wish to pay and the payment method (assuming the customer has a payment method saved)

In this example we are going to pay the outstanding invoice by Direct Debit (Please ensure you have permission from the customer to pay invoices using stored payment method)