How to remove or delete a fault from your console

This guide explains how to remove a faulting invoice from your console.

Navigate to the Cloud Depot Dashboard widget

From the My Accounting Toolbox dashboard page, find the status button in red showing your sync faults. Click on that button to be redirected to the sync screen with a filter of just fault items.

Options to remove or delete the fault button

Option 1

a) If you have resolved the issue outside of the Cloud Depot platform and the faulting invoice is now voided in Autotask, then issue a resync by first clicking the Fault button then selecting the  Resync this Invoice button. This will detect that the invoice has been voided and will change status to Skipped Over.

Option 2

You can delete the Invoice line item from our console using the Delete from Console button. Please note this will note remove the invoice from Autotask or Xero.

Click on the Fault button under status

Click Delete from Console button to remove it from your console. This will not void the invoice in Xero or delete the invoice from Autotask.