How to re-sync an invoice

Re-syncing invoices in Cloud Depot is easy and fast

Products -> My Accounting Toolbox -> Dashboard

Please note:

If you resync a invoice that has already successfully sync'd into Xero, double ups can occur if your preferences are setup to generate invoice numbers.

If you are using Autotask Id numbers or Autotask Invoice numbers, the original invoice will be replaced unless the original invoice has a payment or credit note applied .

To Resync a Invoice

Invoices can be resync'd in our portal by clicking the green or red status button under status field in the My Accounting Toolbox dashboard screen.


1. Select either the Invoice tab or the Purchase Orders tab

2. Click the button under Status heading in the grid, if the invoice is in fault this button will be showing as Fault

You can filter fault status invoices by searching for the word fault in the searchbox



Now click the resync button


3. You will see in the Log that a invoice re-sync has been requested, this resync process will take about 30 seconds to begin the sync process. You can see an update of the logs by clicking the refresh table button.