How to re-sync an invoice

Re-syncing invoices in Cloud Depot is easy and fast

Navigation: Autotask to Xero -> Sync Overview

Please note:

If you resynchronize an invoice that has already been successfully synced into Xero, you may experience duplicate entries if your preferences are set to generate Xero invoice numbers.

If you are using Autotask ID numbers or Autotask invoice numbers, the original invoice will be replaced unless the original invoice has a payment or credit note applied to it.

To Resync a Invoice

1. To resync an invoice in our portal click on the Complete or Fault button

Fault example

Complete example


2. Next, click on the "Resync Invoice" button to initiate the re-synchronization process.

3. Once you click the "Resync Invoice" button, you will receive a notification in the Log that the invoice re-sync has been requested. The re-sync process will begin within approximately 30 seconds. To stay updated on the progress, simply click the refresh table button to view the latest logs.