Multiple tax rates detected for grouped billing items

This error occurs when a grouped billing item in Autotask has multiple tax rates bundled together

Why does this occur?

Xero cannot support multiple tax rates per line item. Where grouped or bundled billing items contain multiple taxes, our sync will raise a error, as this can cause the calculation of taxes to be incorrect in Xero.

How do I fix this error?

Check to make sure you haven't accidently bundled services together with the wrong tax rates as bundled services in most cases should always be on the same tax rate.

If you are happy the taxes are correct for the bundled items then contact our support team for further assistance: 

We have two options to allow this invoice to sync:

Option 1:

We will force the invoice to sync into Xero. We will then ask you to check that the taxes are correct. If they need adjustment you will need to do this manually.

Option 2:

We will turn off bundling for that invoice and let each billing item come through on its own line item and taxes.

Please advise our team which option you would prefer.

Please open a ticket inside our portal under Support Options - > Contact our Support Team. This is in the left-hand menu at the bottom.