New User Invitation

To invite a new user into the company using Cloud Depot, click on the Settings -> Users Link under Admin. You will then be redirected to the Users page.

Location of Users Link form the navigation panel

Location of Users Link form the navigation panel

Users page

To invite a new user, click on the Invite a New User button. A form will pop up on top of the table where you can input the First Name, Last Name and email of the user you are wanting to invite.

Location of button to invite new users

Form that shows to input new user details

Once all of the details are set, click on the Invite User and an invitation email will be sent to the new user. The new user should be seen in the list of users for the company.

Location of button to send an invitation to new user when all of the details in the form is filled

User page showing the new user invited in Cloud Depot