Purchase Order Setup

This guide explores how to configure your Purchase Order options

Please note purchase orders are not available on all billing plans

Standard Options

Active the Purchase Order Module

How would you like to import your Purchase Orders into Xero?

Purchase Orders can be imported into Xero as either Xero Purchase Orders or Xero Invoice Bills. 


When Should we Sync AutoTask Purchase Orders

The Purchase order can be sync'd into Xero based of the Purchase Order status option in Autotask, select at which stage your would like our sync to pull down your Purchase Order.

Please Note: the above status changes are triggers to complete the PO sync, once trigger has actioned a PO sync it will not update the sync if the PO status changes again.

What is your default terms for Purchases from your Suppliers:

Set which option your would like to set as the default purchase order supplier terms for your Purchase Orders

Sync Back

This options sets how far back in days, from today the sync engine should pull down historical invoices from


Apply Memo

This option applies the memo field in the Autotask Purchase Order to the reference field in Xero

Search Memo for a ticket

This option will use fuzzy logic to find a ticket number that has been added to the memo field and applies that ticket to the reference in Xero

Use Vendor Invoice Number

This option will apply the vendor invoice number as the reference in Xero, please note this option only applies to Xero bills not Xero purchase orders


Use Autotask Id Numbers as Xero Purchase Orders


This option will use the Autotask Purchase order Id number as the Xero Purchase Order Number


Advanced Options 


Vendor Invoice Number Format

Please Note: Requires Use Vendor Invoice Number as Xero reference option to be turned on

This option allows you to customize the output of the Vendor Invoice Numbering in Xero using the field options below, this option only applies to Xero bills. This option is only applied if the Use Vendor invoice Number option is enabled.

Fields Below


Purchase Order Description Format

This option allows you to customize the output of the Purchase Order Body for both Xero bills and Xero Purchase Orders.

Fields Below


Override default terms for Purchases from your Suppliers using Xero Customer Card Invoice Due rules (If applicable)

This option will use the 'Invoices Due Date' in the Xero, Customer - Contact.

If this option isn't setup or left blank in the Xero Contact, the sync tool will use the default option, set under the Xero Options tab in Cloud Depot.