Accounting Sync

This article explains how to setup your accounting platform with Cloud Depot RPS

Initially to setup the platform select your accounting provider from the dropdown list and the historical invoices and records you would like to sync to Cloud Depot, these invoices will show in your portal. We recommend at least 60 days of historical data.

At any time you can disable the sync by unticking Sync Active

Clicking save changes will connect to your accounting provider and download the tax, account codes and branding themes required to allow the RPS system to work.

Re-sync Accounting Information

Once the initial Accounting Setup I complete the Accounting sync information panel will display, if at anytime you need to re-sync Accounting information such as tax or account codes. Use the Re-sync Accounting info button.

Xero Sync times

We use Xero webhooks to alert us if you have added or updated a invoice or customer in Xero. The webhook is very fast, usually we are alerted within 30 seconds of a change, however please allow up to 1 minute for a new or changed invoice to be sync'd into Cloud Depot RPS.