Setting up Direct Debit/ACH

This article explains how to setup Direct Debit/ACH billing for customers

Currently our only Gateway that supports Direct Debit/ACH billing is Payrix 

Customers now have the ability to set up Direct Debit/ACH within the customer portal on their own, without the need for you to send them an authority request.

Direct Debit/ACH billing follows a slightly different process to the method of accepting Credit Cards online, however with Cloud Depot RPS we make the process as easy and friction-less as possible.

Before a customer can be billed by Direct Debit/ACH , the customer must first give you authority to debit the customer's bank account.

The steps to get authority is described in the graphic below.

1. Request Authority from your customer

In Cloud Depot, click on Customers in the left-hand menu. Find the customer you wish to request authority from and click View Customer Details.

Once in the Customer Card, click on the Direct Debit/ACH tab under Billing & Portal.

Click the Request New Bank Authority button. A Bank Authority Request form will appear. Fill out the details. There will be two options: Save and Email customer directly, or Save and Manually Send the Invite URL.

Make sure the details match the details of the recipient for the authority request. If not, update them in this portal.

We recommend Save & Manually Send the Invite URL then sending the url to the customer in a personal email from yourself. This is to reassure the customer it is not a unsolicited phishing email.

If you selected Save & Manually Send the Invite URL the invite URL will be available to copy. Use the Copy to clipboard feature to copy the entire URL.

2. Customer Completes the Authority

The customer can complete the Authority online. The application form will look similar to the screenshot below

3. Authority is uploaded to the Gateway Provider

Once the application has been completed, the customer will receive a confirmation email with a copy of the information filled in and a copy of the Gateway Terms and Conditions. If you selected to send yourself application updates, you will receive a copy as well.

You will receive an email similar to the email below, once the bank details have been uploaded and accepted by the gateway.

You are now ready to start billing your customer using Direct Debit / ACH. Ensure that Auto Payment is selected in your customer portal and the correct payment rules are attached to the customer details.