Setting Up Credit Card Details

To set up or update your credit card details click on the Settings -> Add/Update Credit Card Link under Admin. You will then be redirected to the Credit Card Details page.

In the Credit Card Details page, input in you new card details. You will need the following details before Cloud Depot can save your credit card details:

  • Card Number - your credit card number
  • Expiration Date - the expiration date of your card
  • CCV - the 3 digit code at the back of the credit card
  • Name - the name that is displayed on the card

Credit card details page

Once all of these details are inputted, click on the Save Creditcard Details. Cloud Depot will then process your credit card details and see if it is a valid credit card. Once it checks that it is valid, you will then be redirected back to the same page with a confirmation that the credit card you have inputted was saved successfully.

Confirmation message that credit card details was saved successfully