Setting up multi-factor authentication on customer portal

Cloud Depot RPS now supports MFA setup on the customer portal this option is recommended

Recurring Payments -> Setup -> Payment Global Options

To enhance the security of the customer RPS portal we now support MFA of the customer.

When this option is enabled, the customer will not be able to access some parts of the portal until they enter a PIN number which will be emailed to the customer.  (customer selects email from dropdown list).

Once verified we will put a long-life encrypted cookie on the browser, so the customer will not need to verify themselves again until the cookie expires (1 – 12 months option)

Under what conditions will a customer need to verify themselves?

  • Accessing the payment options tab
  • Viewing a Xero invoice (current or historical) from the portal
  • Setting up a direct debit / ACH bank account (always regardless if MFA is turned on or off)

Under what conditions will a customer not need to verify themselves

To reduce the friction of being paid the options below will not require a MFA verification.

  • Making a credit card payment with a new or existing card
  • Paying manually by direct debit with an existing bank loaded

How do we setup the verification emails that the customer uses?

We will present the customer with masked emails from the list of contacts within Xero, adding a contact will add that to the list in the portal.

Under what conditions will a customer not be remembered?

  • Customer uses a different browser
  • Customer uses incognito mode
  • Customer deletes the MFA cookie