Tax Rate Must be Active - Error from Xero

This error means that the tax rate you have linked in Cloud Depot has been deleted in Xero

Compare your mapped tax rates in Cloud Depot to the tax rates in Xero.

1. Navigate in Cloud Depot to 

My Accounting Toolbox - > Configuration -> Tax Mappings

2. On a new tab browser, in Xero, navigate to

Accounting -> Advanced -> Tax Rates

If you have a tax mapping in Cloud Depot that doesn't exist in Xero, remove it from your Cloud Depot (step 1 image) mapping using the delete button.

If you have created a new tax rate in Xero make sure that you map that new tax rate in Cloud Depot.

Please note your tax rates will be cached in your session, if you have recently created a tax rate in Xero, log out of Cloud Depot then log back in to refresh the cached data.