What Credit Cards can I accept?

How you can set up RPS to accept any (or all) credit cards on your system for clients to use for payments.

You can access the Accepted Credit Card settings by clicking on Recurring Payment in the left hand menu, and clicking the Setup link.

Accepted Cards is under the Credit Cards heading.

If you have not configured this, the tooltip below this area will be red. If you have finished setup, and want to edit or change this area, the tooltip to click on will be green.

Click on the tooltip to access this area.

First, select the type of credit card gateway you wish to set the cards up on, eg Stripe or eWay.

Choose the type of card you wish to add from the dropdown, and click on the blue Add this Card to Gateway button.

Cards you have added will appear in the list below. You may delete these from your accepted cards at any time (if, for example, you no longer accept American Express using eWay).

To see which cards can be accepted by each gateway, change the gateway dropdown on the top of the page.