Autotask Account Number Mapping

This article explains how to use Autotask Account Numbers to map contacts into Xero

Please contact our support team to turn this feature on

Without using Account Numbers

When syncing, the tool will scan your Xero contacts to locate a company name that matches the one on your Autotask invoice. If no match is found, a new contact will be created.

The company name between Autotask and Xero must match exactly (search is case sensitive).

Diagram below shows how contacts are mapped in Xero

Using Account Numbers

In some situations you might have a company name in Autotask that differs in Xero. In this situation we suggest that you use the built in Account Numbers to assist our matching process.

The contact matching process, first looks for a matching Account Number in Autotask and Xero.

1. If that Account Number is found it will match the invoice to that contact.

2. If the matching Account Number is not found it will fall back to using a name search.

Diagram below shows how contacts are mapped in Xero with Account Numbers

Please Note:

1. We need to turn Account Number matching on for you, please contact our support team to action this.

2. Account Numbers must be setup correctly to ensure the correct numbers map on both products.

3. Account Numbers can be numbers and letters, please note at this time they are case sensitive: for example if the account number in Autotask is "CUST-001" it must be "CUST-001" in Xero, "cust-001", will not map correctly.

How to setup Account Numbers in Autotask 

How to setup Account Numbers in Xero

Contacts > Edit > Contact Information



A easy way to create unique account numbers for Xero and Autotask, is to copy the Account Id in Autotask.



Do I need to setup an Account Number for each contact in Autotask?

No you can leave them blank by default the sync will just go back to using the name of the contact as the primary search

Does each Account Number in Autotask need to be unique?

Yes it is important that you map the account numbers correctly between Autotask and Xero.