Autotask Item Code is empty - Sync Fault

This synchronization error occurs when a necessary field in the Autotask product is left blank.

How to resolve 

The sync fault message will have the product that is causing the issue within the error message, example below.

Invoice Fault! Xero Item: Autotask Item Code is empty for Catalyst 4500 Switch please apply a item code in Autotask for this product - Invoice Set to status: Fault

1. Log into Autotask and find the product

2. Cloud Depot can use the following fields as your Xero item code:

  • Internal Product ID
  • External Product ID
  • Manufacturer Product Number
  • Product SKU

If you're unsure, you can log in to Cloud Depot and go to the product/services section to identify the field you've selected.

Fill in the field with a unique code, save the changes, and then request a resync of the invoice in Cloud Depot.