Extending Payment Terms in Autotask

Autotask's payment terms are structured as Invoice Date + N days. This article demonstrates how you can utilize a merge field to expand the functionality of Autotask's payment terms.

Please note: This feature might need to be enabled on your account please contact our support team for more information. 

What are merge fields?

A merge field is a concise set of instructions that our software can understand and use to apply payment date rules when syncing invoices to Xero.

What type of payment dates can be created?

  • Day of the month, following month of invoice date
  • Day of the month, same month of invoice date
  • First day of the following month
  • Last day of the following / current month

Setting up a Autotask payment term with a merge field

In this scenario, we are implementing a payment term where payment is due on the 20th of the following month after the invoice is issued.

1. Log into Autotask, navigate to Payment Terms

2. Click New

3. When naming the payment term, enter "20th Month following" or similar. In the description field, input the merge field Xero:[fm]20. For the due in days section, enter 20 to indicate payment is due on the 20th of the following month.

[fm] = following month
[cm] = current month

4. Make sure your Cloud Depot invoice options are set to use Autotask due date as the due date option.

Common examples

20th month following

15th of current month

Last day of current month

First day of the following month