Gateway - IntegraPay

How to setup IntegraPay with Cloud Depot

You can access the Credit Card Gateway by clicking on Recurring Payment in the left hand menu, and clicking the Setup link.

Credit Card Gateways are set under the Gateways heading.

If you have not set up your gateway, the tooltip below this area will be red. If you have set them up, and want to edit or change them, the tooltip to click on will be green.


To add IntegraPay, choose IntegraPay from the dropdown and click on the blue Add Gateway button. The Stripe details area will appear. 

Please fill in the following information to complete your connection

1. Business Id
2. API Username
3. API Password
4. Description of the Gateway (eg IntegraPay(live))

Also select your preferred method for billing customers with IntegraPay, this will set the preferred billing method in the customer card, which can be changed on a customer level.