Rounding Adjustment Line item in Xero

Its possible to configuration a rounding line item adjustment to your invoice. This article explain what it is and how it works.

Why are the invoice amounts sometimes different between Autotask and Xero?

If you notice small differences in invoice amounts between Autotask and Xero, you can enable the rounding line item adjustment feature. Before activating this option, we suggest enabling the 4 decimal place rounding before setting this up. Check out this article for detailed instructions on how to do this.

How it works

Once an invoice is generated in Xero, our synchronization tool will analyze the total amount of the Xero invoice and compare it to the Autotask invoice. If the total amounts do not align, the tool will automatically create a line item on the original invoice to adjust the amount either up or down to match the total of the original Autotask invoice.

(Screenshot provided by Xero)

How to turn on

1. Ensure that all invoices have completed syncing before reaching out to our support team to enable rounding adjustments on your account.

2. After enabling this feature, log in to Cloud Depot and go to the Autotask to Xero section. From there, navigate to Configuration and select Link Account Codes. 

Autotask to Xero -> Configuration -> Link Account Codes

A rounding adjustment dropdown will display, select the rounding adjustment code (Xero provides a default one) Then click Save Changes