Xero Products

The Xero Products and Services module is designed to match and populate the products attributes on Xero Invoices, bills and purchase orders.


In Xero product and services can be found under Business -> Product and services.

Functionality Background 


a) Map existing hardware items to Autotask products items

b) Create/Update Xero product items

Purchase orders

a) Map existing hardware items to Autotask products items

b) Create/Update new Xero product items

c) Use Account code mappings (override default settings)

d) Adjust inventory levels in Xero


1. When should we match items on Invoice?

Set when a Xero product or service item should be mapped during sync time, we support either Purchase order or sales invoice and both.

Update existing item

If a product identifier is found our tool can update the information from your Autotask PSA, please note it will overwrite any existing information.

Auto Populate Purchase and Sell fields

Auto populate, setting this option will enable the "I purchase this item" and "I sell this item" in Xero. You can override this feature by unchecking this option and forcing a either buy or sell option in Xero.

Matching the Xero item codes

By default our tool will use the PSA Product SKU, however if you prefer you can use the Internal and External Product Ids.

When no item code is found in Autotask

We support 3 different options here when a matching code field is empty in Autotask: 

1. We can ignore it and sync the invoice with no error

2. We can sync the invoice but raise an error that will trigger an email to the user(s)

3. We can force the invoice item not to sync and fault with an alert to the user(s)

Inventory Tracking

Please Note:

Inventory tracking is not recommend unless you have good inventory controls internally.

  1. Xero doesn’t support negative inventory. If your inventory drops to zero it could break your invoice sync engine by not allowing approval of invoices with items attached with zero inventory count.
  2. If the inventory adjustments option is turned on it will override inventory currently in Xero with the on-hand amount in Autotask adjusted for the quantity of the purchase order item itself being sync’d to Xero.
  3. It is recommend that you use the purchase order received full option with inventory tracking.


Inventory Asset Account – An asset account of type INVENTORY to track the value of stock on hand.

Inventory Adjustment Account – An account to track the value of inventory adjustments.

Cost of Goods Sold Account – An expense account to track the cost of goods sold.

Check this box to turn inventory tracking on and off

Please note inventory adjustments are best effort and variables inside your PSA can affect how this functions. We recommend that this field is turned off and inventory is adjusted manually.

This option is designed to keep the Autotask stock level and Xero in sync with each other, during sync time it will check the on hand stock levels of both platforms (accounting for incoming items in the new purchase order) if they are the same number no adjustment will be made, if the levels are higher or lower the Xero inventory count will be adjusted. 


It's recommend that you receive advice from your accountant if you are unsure which account codes to selected here, please note our support staff are not able to advise what account codes you should use.

Default Account Items


During a PO sync should we override the Purchase Account with the Autotask mapped Account Code if mapped? 


This option will override the default purchase order account code with the mapped account code used for purchase orders if the Xero item is created or updated.