Xero Services

The Xero Products and Services module is designed to match and populate the service attributes on Xero Invoices

For information on setting up Autotask products click here


In Xero, products and services can be found under Business -> Products and services.

Functionality Background

a) Map existing Autotask services
b) Create / Update Xero service items


Match by Option

The setup can be configured to match by the Autotask Item Type or the Item Name.


Option 1. Matching by Item Type:

This matches to the Autotask billing item type.

The default billing item types that are available are:

  • Labor
  • Project Cost
  • Ticket Cost
  • Expense
  • Subscription
  • Setup Fee
  • Recurring Services
  • Recurring Services Adjustment
  • Recurring Service Bundle
  • Recurring Service Bundle Adjustment
  • Milestone
  • Contract Block
  • Contract Retainer
  • Contract Cost
  • Contract Incident


Option 2. Matching by Item Name 

This matching is to the Autotask service billing item name; the name of your services or contracts such as hosting, office365 etc

Tip: When using this option make sure you select which services you would like to map to during sync time.





Option 3. Matching by Item Allocation Code

This option matches the Autotask Billing Code External Number

Select the Autotask Service Types  you wish to map, such as labor

The item will then map in Xero to the item in Autotask


Create item in Xero if the item doesn't exist

If the service identifier is found our tool can update the information from your Autotask PSA, please note it will overwrite any existing information.


Default Account & Tax Setup

For new items created (if applicable) set the default sales and tax rates, the default sales account can be overridden by the mapped Account code if a mapping exists.