Customer Payment Page

An overview of the Customer Payment page (or Customer Portal).

Your customers enter the secure online portal by clicking a encrypted URL that is sent to them via the following methods:

Through the Xero invoice template:

Through the Pay Online Email generated by Cloud Depot that is sent to the customer:

Or through a URL embedded in your accounts emails to your customers.

Note: The URL can be white labelled to show your company's logo.

Customer Portal Page

The Customer Portal page has three tabs: Unpaid, Paid and Options.

Tab Unpaid

  • All outstanding invoices are displayed
  • Ability to download a copy of the original invoice
  • Accepted Cards and the surcharges (if applicable)

Tab Paid

  • Paid invoices are displayed (limited to the most recent 50 invoices for that customer)
  • Ability to download a copy of the original invoice using the blue Download button

Tab Options

  • Ability for the customer to turn on and off Auto Payment
  • Ability to add/remove and set default Credit Cards

These features can be configured not to show in the Cloud Depot RPS setup

For information on how to set this up, click here.