Linking your settlement Bank Accounts to RPS

How to link your bank accounts to RPS to make sure that payments are sent to the correct place.

You can access the Bank Account settings by clicking on Recurring Payment in the left hand menu, and clicking the Setup link.

Link Bank Accounts is under the Accounting & Gateways heading.

If you have not configured this, the tooltip below this area will be red. If you have finished setup, and want to edit or change this area, the tooltip to click on will be green.

Click on the tooltip to access this area.

The Payment Gateway/s that you set up in Payment Gateways will automatically be populated in the Gateway dropdown.

The bank accounts that you have set up in your payment gateway (eg Stripe) will already be listed under the Settlement Bank Account area. Choose which bank account you prefer to have payments sent to, and choose the Settlement Currency, and click the blue Link button.

If you have multiple currencies accepted, you will need to set up links for each currency.

Note: eWay does not accept multiple currencies on a single eWay account. If you wish to accept multiple currencies from eWay, you will need to set up a separate eWay gateway (eg eWay NZ or eWay AUD).