Transaction amount x is greater than invoice amount y

Invoice payment wasn't successful due to a discrepancy in the invoice amount and payment amount.

1. Did the Invoice have a payment or part-payment applied after the transaction was created?

If a invoice payment has already been applied to an invoice after the transaction was created, our tool will be unable to apply the payment please apply the payment manually.

2. Was a surcharge applied to the invoice?

Recurring Payment - > Setup -> Payment Rule | Surcharges

Make sure the surcharge is setup correctly in Cloud Depot and append surcharge as a lineitem to your original invoice is turned on.

If you setup a new surcharge account code please see these instructions in how to resync your account codes in Cloud Depot.

3. Do all your Gateways have a settlement bank account and correct settlement currency setup? 

Recurring Payment -> Setup -> Link Bank Accounts

Ensure that each of your gateways has a corresponding settlement bank account and correct currency code.

4. A surcharge is setup but the payment, but our tool was unable to add the surcharge line-item in Xero. 

If the surcharge line-item is missing from the original invoice, you will need to manually add it.

5. Xero, year end date has been locked by your accountant.

It is possible for your accountant to lock your Xero file so invoices that predate that lock period cannot be edited. Our sync logs will write the following error: "the document cannot be edited as it is currently dated before the period lock date"

6. Rounding issues

Cloud Depot rounds surcharges to two decimal places, occasionally its possible that Xero will calculate the invoice to a different amount due to the way it does rounding on a per line item basis rather than on a invoice basis. Please see this article for more information.