Invoices not syncing - understanding invoice faults

This guide explores some of the reasons that an invoice won’t sync and how to troubleshoot the sync logs


We have built Cloud Depot to be highly scalable and fault resilient, however from time to time, faults can arise that are outside the scope of our platform's ability to handle them. When a fault occurs, the sync item will try a maximum of 3 times to re-sync.

If, after 3 attempts it still fails, the item's status will change to fault and the item will not try to sync again. If your profile is setup to receive email alerts you will receive a generic email within 1 hour of the fault, alerting you to sync problems. If you have more than one sync fault you will only receive a maximum of 1 email per hour period that a sync fault is generated in.

My Sync has stopped. What do I do?

First of all, identify that your account doesn't have connectivity issues to our Plugin Partners:

1. Is the Autotask connection active? Re setup here

2. Is the Xero connection active? Re setup here  

3. Is the Invoice in fault because of a validation reason in Autotask or Xero - review the logs against the most common issues below.

How to review the sync Logs - General

1. Log into your My Accounting Toolbox Portal and select the sync logs tab

2. Select Show 50 from the Table


3. Check that the latest sync information look for the following

  • Is the Date recent for instant sync customers you should see logs within 5 minutes of now?
  • Are you seeing signs that the sync engine is connecting to Autotask and Xero?
  • Is the sync engine showing new invoices or purchase orders ready?

What do faults look like?

Faults that require your attention will be in bold

Faults will show up in your dashboard and will show against the invoice as being in Fault.

If you need to resync an invoice please read our support article here.