Common Sync Error Messages

Other errors that can occur during the sync process and what they mean.


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My Sync has stopped what do I do?

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Common Sync Fault Messages

Unable to sync Invoice. No valid contact for the invoice

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This error occurs when an invoice is created in Autotask with the same invoice number as an invoice in Xero and is trying to sync to Xero, but the invoice  is marked as paid or partially paid in Xero, and sync cannot proceed.

What does "Invoice not of valid status for modification" mean?

This is a Xero related fault, the error means that invoice number already exists in Xero for the invoice you are trying to sync from Autotask. To fix this issue you can change the invoice number already in Xero then try using the re-sync feature to pull the invoice down again.

The access token has expired

This is a Xero related fault, the error means the invoice wasn't able to process within the allocated time-frame.

HTTP Error 503. The service is unavailable.

Xero or Autotask API fault - this is caused by overloading, outage or maintenance with the partner API, this fault is not very common.

Organisation is not subscribed to currency

Configuration error - your currency in Cloud Depot doesn't match your currency in Xero.

Timeout Expired error when connecting to Autotask

The Autotask API gets overloaded from time to time and this error can occur, in most cases it will self correct.

Error connecting to Xero

The Xero API gets overloaded from time to time and this error can occur, in most cases it will self correct.

Invoice Amounts do not match

This is a fail safe check to ensure that our system doesn't sync values that differ from Autotask. Please contact support if you have this error for further investigation.

Invoice contains no line items skipping over

No billing items were found, this is usually found on voided invoices but can also be a Autotask fault.

If your are using Autotask Line of Business, try associating your API user to all line of business items.

Invalid email address can't sync invoice

Autotask allows for non compliant email addresses to be entered into the contacts details - this will cause a Xero validation exception, please check the contacts email address.

Organisation is not subscribed to currency

Although you are using multi-currency in Xero, you still need to add the currency you want to use.
You can do so via Settings > General Settings > Currencies

Autotask Invoice number is empty

Please see this online article regarding this issue