Sync doesn't update or find the existing Xero contact

During the sync process a new contact is created in Xero instead of the existing contact being updated.

By default,  contact names need to match exactly between Autotask and Xero, the search feature is case sensitive.

It is possible to turn off case sensitivity on your account under Xero Options - > Advanced Options

Issue: The sync in unable to find the existing contact in Xero?

Possible Reason(s)

1. By default, the search is case sensitive, spaces etc. Do the names match exactly between Autotask and Xero?

To resolve:

  •  Log into Autotask locate the Autotask account then copy the account name (windows ctrl-c)
  • Log into Xero and locate the company the invoice is to sync to. 

  • Replace the Xero name with the Autotask name that you just copied and save changes.

Re-sync the invoice the faulting invoice, repeat this for any other invoices that have the same issue.

2. The name in Autotask or Xero has changed recently?

To resolve, log into Autotask and Xero and compare the company names, make the necessary adjustments to match the names then re-sync the invoice.

3. The Autotask name contains invalid or invisible characters

To resolve, please review the link below on instructions on how to remove.

The Autotask account name has invalid characters

Other resolutions

Our sync tool has the ability to use Account numbers as a primary matching method between Autotask and Xero.