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Quick Overview

Welcome to My Accounting Toolbox our Autotask to Xero sync application. My Accounting Toolbox is designed to be set and forget but please take the time to setup a few of our configuration options to match your business processes. If you get stuck or need some more assistance please reach out to our support team for more information.

If you haven't already setup My Accounting Toolbox, we have a easy to follow guide here

Configure your invoice options.

Our sync tool has a number of configuration options to help you customize how your Xero invoices look. We suggest you use the draft invoice option first to ensure everything is syncing correctly.

Mapping your Autotask contacts to Xero customers

We currently use the Autotask account name as the unique field for matching Autotask accounts to Xero customers (case sensitive). An Autotask account can have multiple contacts, we recommend using a UDF to help assist our sync tool find the right contact to match to Xero.

If your Autotask account names don't or for business reasons can't match to a Xero customer, we recommend using Account number matching.

Link your account codes.

Account code mapping links your GL account codes from Autotask to your GL account codes in Xero, by default all account codes will use the default account codes used during the setup process.

Purchase Orders

Purchase orders from Autotask can be imported into Xero as either purchase orders or sale bills. Most customers import POs from Autotask as sale bills. The format of the purchase order is restricted by what data we can obtain from Autotask.

Tracking category mapping

This feature is not required to be setup and is only need if you require further GL reporting in Xero.

Branding Mapping with Autotask and Xero

This feature is not required to be setup but can be useful if you have Xero branding themes that you want to map to Autotask branding templates.

Tax Mapping 

Tax mapping allows you to link taxes between Autotask and Xero. By default Xero does all tax calculations, and for customers in a single tax environment, this module doesn't need to be setup.